How to Write Sensational Marketing Blogs That Clients Will Actually Read

You may be a regular blogger, but do you have any idea on how to write sensational marketing blogs, that clients will actually read?

The answer may lie in the content itself.

Are you sure, you are writing blog posts that are interesting and are not boring! Content which your customers want to read?

Let me take you through some strategies on how to write sensational marketing blogs…and believe me, you will not regret reading it.

Firstly, let’s find out why do people want to read blogs?

In her article published in the Atlantic Journal of Communication, Professor Barbara Kaye described nine reasons why people spend both time and attention on blog posts.

How to write sensational marketing blogs

Your marketing blog may not be a political platform and will also take time to generate an ambience… but ultimately, it has to be combined with the right content to get your intended audience reading, and sharing your content… and keep them coming back for more.

Here are a few tips on how to write sensational marketing blogs that clients will actually read.

Create mind-blowing titles.

According to Brian Clark, an article with a weak headline is as good as rendering that article invisible… because nearly eight out of 10 people scan the title first, before pursuing further.

Another interesting fact is that nearly 73% of the buying decisions are reached, when an ideal customer reads and is satisfied by the title.

Incorporate power words in the titles and subtitles of your blog.

 Certain words have an effect on people. They tend to inspire and make people take actio. Remember that, words do have power and you should incorporate these words often. You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to use power words effectively.

how to write sensational marketing blogs

Image Source: How Power Words Can Define Your Business

Mentioned here are some power words [courtesy: Jon Morrow] – Include them in your next article post.

An info-graphic is given below to further validate a power word title.


It’s perfect to add power words in the title and subtitle of your blog post… as they inspire, and prompt, the reader into action. However, it is important to remember that users don’t specifically search for power words.

Do headline preferences make any difference?

 A Conductor study that was taken done sometime in 2013, found out that more explicit a headline is in comparison to the reader takeaway, the more the headline resonates…

 how to write sensational marketing blogs

Source :

 Increase your blogs’ appeal with visuals.

 People love visuals and this is a surefire way to increase traffic to your blog. Visuals are great for telling your brand stories.

Attracting readers to your blog is just the first step… but you have to ensure that they stay until the end.

Use of Listicles.

Listicles are rather popular with the content marketing fraternity. It is basically a jargon for a combination of a list and an article. It is not very popular in journalism circles as its objective is to invite clicks. However, Listicles can either be used well or used poorly.

Listicles are here to stay… and it has been proven scientifically. Hence, if you are doing any kind of content marketing, you should be interested in them because, when done correctly, they can be very powerful.

How to write sensational marketing blogs

Image Source:

Interestingly, funny Listicles do very well in the social media.

Does formatted content make a difference?

If you want people to read your content, then you must learn to format your content effectively.

This includes font typeface and font size. Formatting isn’t optional. It is a necessity. This post by Adam Thomson, further justifies this.

The WordPress platform is also an useful tool to create stunning content.

Skimming and skimmers make a huge difference.

 Skimmers rapidly skim the title, headings, topic sentence, visuals, and content to get a basic idea of the post. If they are convinced, they return to read more comprehensively. And, most of them end up buying the product.

So, make it a point to put your subheadings and the prominent words in bold, as well as sentences. Also, use visuals/ Listicles to break down large pieces of text.

Lastly, you should try and use long-form content as it will get you more online visibility.

Make it a point to respond to comments.

It is obvious that if you have a blog, you need to make sure it stands out from the competition… We also know that by writing good, compelling, and relevant content, your customers will actually seek out, read, and share.

But, how does one go about it?

Start with listening.

Start replying to response to your current article posts, and new article posts to individual queries. Social media can hold another wealth of subjects.

Make a list of the most popular posts related to your niche.

The core of content marketing is about creating useful and relevant content. Creating content that your audience wants to read… it means creating content that is enjoyable, interesting and meets the needs of the readers.  This means you have to be aware of what your audience is saying about your competitors as well, both positive and negative.

Just visit, and input the title, key phrases, long-tail keyword or topics related to your niche… and you get a list of the most popular posts [related to your niche] that are currently trending.


BuzzSumo helps you provide more information about your products and service, with value and authority through meaningful posts.


Content marketing has changed the entire concept of content writing.

By using the right copy, mixed with proper SEO, the chances of getting a loyal set of readers has become a lot easier.

Naturally, converting this reader base into long-term customers is the key.

Long-term customers, who remain loyal to the brand!

Once you have achieved that, whatever SEO tactics you may decide to implement… to improve traffic and blog’s search rankings is irrelevant… at the end of the day, what matters is brand loyalty and the “word of mouth.”

By understanding all this, it will be much easier to create an effective blog marketing strategy… and deliver the content that the readers really want and expect… this will make them come back for more, because of the value you blog offers.

I hope that if you found the above tips on how to write sensational marketing blogs that clients will actually read useful,  and feel free to add a comment below.



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