Ivory And Rhino Horns Shipment Seized in Vietnam

Does destroying ivory solve the problem? Ivory smuggling is very much a sensitive issue… and it’s good that traffickers are getting their due…but…


Ivory And Rhino Horns Shipment Seized in Vietnam …


Rhino Horns And Ivory Shipment Which Were Supposed To Have Originated From Mozambique Were Seized By Vietnamese Custom Officers.

Ivory And Rhino Horns Shipment Seized in Vietnam
[Image 1: Law enforcement officials examining the ivory and rhino horns that were seized by the customs officers at the Vietnamese Port of Da Nan g.] [Image Courtesy : ]
Customs officers in Vietnam confiscated nearly one metric ton of rhino horns and ivory, which were supposed to have originated from Mozambique.

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Looking For A Killer Content Marketing Strategy ?

Content marketing is going to be the future of the entire marketing . It is already huge in 2016…

 Are you Looking for a Killer Content Marketing Strategy for Your Blog?


Have you ever felt that your content sucks? Or worked hard on some content only to have it under-perform or not get the online reach and impact that you wanted?

Well, don’t worry, this post is for you!

We will show you how to plan a killer content marketing strategy!

Stop the guesswork and chart out a finely tuned and content marketing strategy that is tailor made your audience. If you plan to develop or even give a makeover to you existing content strategy, then this guide is for you.

What is Content Marketing?

  • Content marketing is the new market formula for online advertising.
  • It gives businesses a whole lot of new opportunities in addition to the wide online reach that it provides.
  • It allows to businesses to penetrate their market objective faster and easier.
  • Unlike conventional advertising, it gives businesses a faster and more personal connection to its consumers.
  • It is faster, cheaper and lot less cumbersome compared to conventional advertising.
  • To sum it up, content marketing is knowing what your consumers want and translating that need through content.


Source – Smart Insights

The key to understanding content marketing is to know what tickles your markets’ fancy.

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