What Is NFC And When Will It Really Take Off

Everything you need to know about NFC and mobile payments…


 Near Field Communication, or NFC… is a familiar subject in tech. blogs and with tech. enthusiasts for some time now. It is being hailed as a major player in the future of portable electronic technology.

Now available in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch… NFC is poised to play an main role in the way we use our phones… especially when it comes to mobile payments.

What Is NFC And When Will It Take Off
{About 300 million will use other NFC technology and contact-less tech by 2020) Image courtesy – tnooz.com

One in five consumers will be using contact-less ticketing on their mobile devices by 2020 – the equivalent of some 300 million people worldwide. Such technology and consumer behavior will be led by airlines, rail providers and bus operators, alongside entertainment and attraction venues, according to tnooz.com.


However, there are still many areas that the public is still unaware of and no one really knows when NFC technology will really take off.

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